How to Create an Expert Account on TEO and Get Tokens?

Greetings to the TEO Community, we are extremely fortunate to have you as our supporters, and hope you are excited to see what the future holds for TEO! 

Here is a guideline to help you get onboard on TEO as an Expert account.

Step 1:

Go to, click Join us; or
Go to and click Log in at the top-right corner of the page, when you enter the portal, click Join us.


Step 2:

Entering Email Address and Password.

Step 3:

Read our privacy policy and terms of service.

Step 4:

Click Register

Step 5:

Check a confirmation email sent by TEO.

Step 6:

Activate your account by clicking the link in your email.

Step 7:

Click Log in and enter the TEO portal page.

Step 8:

Sign in with Email and Password.

Step 9:

Select Expert Account

Step 10:

Fill in your basic information.

Step 11:

Fill in your working experience

Step 12:

Tell us about your education

Step 13:

Tell us how to contact you.

Step 14:

Click Publish when you finish.

Step 15:

Navigate to wallet page and see your TEO tokens

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