TEO Talent Pool v1.0 launches on 20 November 2019

TEO Talent Pool v1.0 launches on 20 November 2019

We are pleased to announce that TEO Talent Pool v1.0 will be released on 20 November 2019 under enormous anticipation. This updated version will be showing off full-fledged functions including wallet, chat room, search and deal.

TEO Talent Pool v1.0

The TEO Talent Pool v1.0 is a fully functional social network instrumented with a unique token reward mechanism. It is designed for experts, influencers, associations and companies in the ecosystem. This platform will provide a professional and high efficient networking experience for the 35 million Teochew community.

Highlights of function

  • Wallet

The TEO wallet is a new way to manage the transaction. In the wallet, you can check token balance, recharge tokens, and even transfer tokens between each other freely without paying gas or extra intermediate fee.

  • Chat room

Through this instant message tool two parties can communicate, negotiate deals, and even transfer tokens. All the messages including negotiation information and transaction details will be encrypted in the token and uploaded to TEO’s DLT Talent Pool App.

  • Search

You can seek for solution provider through searching on TEO Talent Pool App  and it will automatically filter the top 5 best matches to you.

  • Deal

You can see deals from other companies and associations at a Deal marketplace. Through this function, you can recommend yourselves to the solution seeker and earn tokens under Review session.

Functions provided for different user groups:

For Professional – Experts

  • Unlock global business opportunities by providing local expertise
  • Explore Deal on marketplace and self-recommend

For Professional – Influencers

  • Approve endorsement and earn TEO tokens

For Business – Companies

  • Establish company profile and pay token to get contact of local expert
  • Make a cross-border deal and conduct transaction

For Business – Associations

  • Solve mediation and raise credibility
  • Provide review and raise exposure

To register as an Expert on TEO, go to here.

To register as a Company on TEO, go to here.

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