We are pleased to announce the launch of TEO Talent Pool v1.1

We are pleased to announce the launch of TEO Talent Pool v1.1

We are thrilled to release our TEO Talent Pool v1.1, which further enhances the resilience of TEO networks with updated features, fresh new look and user-friendly navigation.

Our new features include updated functions in endorsement, wallet notifications, deal notifications and chat notifications. Besides, we also added FAQ session to address your concerns about our functions.

After several months of commitment on the new website, we hope that our new features will make your visit more exciting and interesting.

What is new in TEO Talent Pool v1.1?

Endorsement Notifications:

  • You can request another user to endorse your profile regarding skills, accomplishments, work experiences, education degrees and qualification. After your connection endorse your profile, it contributes to the credibility of your profile and enhances the opportunities related to the skills you possess.
  • You can review the list of endorsement requests at the Endorse page. Receiving skill endorsements and proactively building the connection with those requesting for the endorsement is a great way to strengthen your network. Besides, you can also manage the endorsements by removing the endorsement request.

Wallet Notifications:

  • You will get a browser notification once your TEO tokens have been successfully credited to your TEO account, withdrawn from your account to your Ethereum wallet and transferred to your TEO account as a reward. Besides, settling deal payment can also trigger notifications.

Deal Notifications:

  • When your status as a deal has been updated, you will be notified through a notification icon at the deal menu. The following activities would trigger your change of status:
    • A deal has been successfully created.
    • A deal has been rejected/accepted by a deal taker.
    • A deal has been requested payment by a deal taker.
    • A deal taker has made a payment to the deal maker.
    • Both deal taker and deal maker have agreed to cancel the deal.

Chat Notifications:

  • You will get a browser notification when there are new messages through a notification icon shown at the chat menu. Besides, you can review a number of unread messages at the contact.


  • User can now go to support page and learn how to use TEO platform. It has the following guidelines:
    • 钱包
    • Chat
    • 交易
    • Endorsement
    • Explore