New Release of TEO Talent Pool v1.3 with Email invitation, balance trackability and token house keeping

New Release of TEO Talent Pool v1.3 with Email invitation, balance trackability and token house keeping

We are absolutely delighted to announce the release of TEO Talent Pool v1.3. With the new features, TEO foundation (or TEO maintainer) can invite more users, get alerts on incorrect transaction, as well as transfer tokens to TEO reserved wallet. These will allow our system become more flexible on users onboarding process and more secure on wallet management!

New Features:

User Invitation:

  • A TEO maintainer can send an invitation email to a user with TEO token reward.
  • Upon registration user will be granted the tokens with amount mentioned in email.

User balance integrity check system:

  • The system can detect and notify TEO maintainer in case of incorrect transaction.
  • The system detects an incorrect transaction by tracking the balance changes.
  • All balance changes are reported at TEO maintainer.

TEO tokens house keeper:

  • A TEO maintainer can transfer TEO tokens from user account wallet on the main wallet.
  • The token transfer will not affect user balance on the TEO.


Profile creation:

  • A user is no longer required to finish his/her profile before using TEO platform. Only a full name or a company name is required after the first login.
  • An exclamation mark at profile menu indicated that a profile has not been finished.
  • There is a hint message for unclaimed TEO token reward at the profile page.


  • A deal can be created at Deal page.


  • The system can now handle at least 100 users registering at the same time.
  • Improved memory usage when creates new wallets.


  • Added Chinese localization for withdraw error and withdraw title.
  • Added Chinese localization when create a new profile.


  • A profile can be search with synonym.
  • A convenient button is added to start conversation to a new contact upon successfully adding a new contact.


  • Chat contacts are sorted by latest message.
  • A profile page for a user can be open via contact in chat room.


  • Enabled re-captcha when register a new account.


  • More user friendly message when user name or password is not correct.
  • A password must follows the rule that it must include at least 8 characters including at least 1 number or special character.