TEO Talent Pool v1.4 is here! Profile, explore and more…

TEO Talent Pool v1.4 is here! Profile, explore and more…

The v1.4 continues the refinement of TEO’s functionality and security capability, creating a more secure and intuitive user interface and greater user experience for our users. This release focuses on Profile and Password rule’s update, Explore’s search result improvement, Wallet’s transaction records refinement, and Chatroom’s contact and message handling update. 

What is new on TEO Talent Pool v1.4? 

Profile page:

  • Update layout for profile drop down menu
  • Profile reward hints should get updated with pending reward transactions.

User authentication:

  • Password security rule at invitation reset password page


  • Show message when there is no search result
  • Show recent searches and show previous visiting profile
  • Show both friends and hidden profile in search result
  • Update layout for search result to show multiple contacts instead of one profile at a time
  • Click view more to see the whole list of searched result contacts

Chat Room:

  • Show no contacts messages when a user has no contacts to message to
  • Better handling load contacts and messages
  • Can search contacts and messages
  • A chat room is created by clicking at new message button
  • Reveal identity after finished adding a new contact


  • Show pending transaction in wallet page
  • Replace another user with real user name in the transactions
  • Added monthly section and relative time at transaction history
  • Adding available token balance and total balance at wallet card
  • Update spacing in transaction info

Navigation bar:

  • Relocate view profile menu to profile view drop down
  • Move explore bar to navigation bar